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Variation in Sprints/Run speeds


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  • Totem Arts Staff

The addition of sprinting is awesome, no doubt about it, and it's had some odd side-effects that were never felt in OldRen (Rushing down vehicles with c4 and being able to storm into buildings under the gaze of the Obelisk where you couldn't do at normal speeds). Of course we also have a few questionable scenarios that stem from it, namely SBHs being able to sprint, and engineers are basically the end-all-be-all of vehicles in a base.

Sprinting has definitely changed a lot in RenX, and I'd say it was for the better. Of course, since I first got the question from a friend who'd never played Ren, I have always wondered if it was possible to further differentiate character classes by how much sprint they had, or even how fast they sprinted. Perhaps even just factor in their base run speeds.

Engineers, for example, have been occasionally accused of being overpowered in RenX and I can see how, though I may not agree with all points. Remote C4 is a lot more powerful when you can virtually guarantee being able to catch up to somebody and throw it on their face. It even makes engineers a bit more viable vs. vehicles than they honestly should be, though I won't say I would take remotes over a PIC or a Railgun. Either way, it felt like engineers were a great deal more nestled into their niche back in OldRen, as if you were stuck in a hallway fight you couldn't just throw away the pistol and chuck C4 for an almost guaranteed kill; people were usually smart enough to move out of the way, or just keep their distance. RenX makes it easily possible to just fall back on remotes since you can sprint just as fast as the other guy, and for just as long, meaning he's actually got the lesser chance of winning this fight if you're willing to c4-suicide. Why exactly is this bad? Because engineers aren't supposed to be a goto combat unit.

Considering I'm usually the one throwing the C4, I can attest to having one too many easy kills with the engi class. While it may be fine and make sense that remotes are great for throwing in the inside of a building or setting traps at corners, it doesn't mean they should be just as viable outside of where the engineer is supposed to shine.

Where is all of this going? Why, it's going down good ol' controversy lane.

My thoughts have always been that Infantry classes never seemed to really be differentiated enough in OldRen. In a server with drop weapons, I didn't see a reason to buy anything beyond a 2nd tier infantry, or Hotwire because I just needed to not be a one hit kill to Ramjets. Weapons were the only real deciding factor, as I wasn't too concerned with paying 500 more credits just to get 50 more health. (Yes that 50 health lets you survive the Obelisk, but that's really still not worth it IMO.)

This is where one of the reasons I liked Red Alert: APB as much as I did. They factored in how fast characters moved into their classes, and it fits perfectly with the CnC RTS. We already have differentiation in vehicle movement, why not let infantry be a bit different?

Just as a few examples of what could be changed for the 'better' here.


Engineers with a noticeably slower run/sprint speed than normal soldiers, making engis feel more like they belong in a support role even with bought side arms. It would also mean soldiers could effectively keep their distance from engineers in tunnel fights, as opposed to having to just hope the engineer throws too early.

On the downside, getting to beacons may be harder if they're across the base.

Stealth Black Hands:

Considering the SBH is already getting as much flak as it is, I'm fairly certain it's on the road to being nerfed into oblivion. It was suggested already that their sprint be either removed or nerfed. I personally think if they had a slower sprint speed, and maybe a smaller stamina pool, they wouldn't be as much of a hassle. If shooting is enough to force them to unstealth, perhaps sprinting more than a very short distance would be too much of a strain for the Lazarus shield to keep up 'perfect' stealth, so they would be limited to MUCH shorter sprints than other infantry.

The downside? ...SBHs might have to actually be stealthy and use proper positioning and foresight to get all the way to the back of GDIs base? That doesn't sound that bad at all.

Havoc and Sakura:

I love the n00bjet. I rarely use it, but I'm fine with a 1k credit unit one hit KOing free infantry. However, I believe they are a bit on the line with being able to CQC so well. A suggestion on the lines of this topic would be to reduce their movement speed slightly, and maybe even their sprint. On second thought, reduced 'jog' speed but allow their 1000 credit selves to sprint faster. Make them fit into the role of power sniper, shoot from afar and be able to quickly change position while not retaliating, but in close quarters their decreased agility makes them a lot easier to tear into and score hits on than an average soldier.

...they're snipers, let them be proficient at that.


I don't know if I'm crazy, but wasn't Patch slightly faster than other infantry in OldRen? I always felt like he was. I'd love for him to be slightly faster, or have a longer sprint, as right now he's just good for having an I-can-damage-anything rifle.


I only bring him up because I brought up Patch. Frankly this guy is a lot bigger, so I don't think he's really worth making faster. Actually he's cool just the way he is. The best even.


This is mostly just food for thought, as I feel like infantry combat always had a better feel in APB than in OldRen, not to mention OldRen isn't a game that got to get patched for years on end. There was still plenty that could have been added/changed, and I personally think any way to make infantry seem more differentiated by role would be a nice alteration.

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I only bring him up because I brought up Patch. Frankly this guy is a lot bigger, so I don't think he's really worth making faster. Actually he's cool just the way he is. The best even.

I read it all and loved your ideas, but this is the only part I feel I should comment on at the moment:

"The bigger they are, the harder they fall" or just slower.

If you want to increase Patch's speed, why not decrease LCG's speed for the same reason: he's big and clunky, holding a heavy weapon. He should move slower.

This suggestion is also to balance things a bit as Nod has relatively fast and light vehicles, maybe this is a chance for a slow but deadly infantry unit. Counterpart of the GDI, the other way around (slow/heavy veh with fast/light infantry)

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I could see him being slower, Truxa. As of right now he's a powerhouse anyway, but I don't know if Id like to see his weapon nerfed. Nod's supposed to have the noticeable, but not unbeatable, infantry advantage so perhaps making him a little slower would allow him to maintain that position of extremely powerful, but not made for rushing through the tunnels so much. Kind of give him a guardian type feel.

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