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Some high-res screenshots...


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3840 * 2160 with all video options maxed out. This setting makes 4x GTX Titans at aroud 60% load. Guess at 5120 * 2880 it may load to 100%. Only if I can afford a monitor at this spec...

You will need to set SLi bits to 0x02406405 to make Renegade X work with nVidia SLi. If you set SLi bits to 0x00000004, Renegade-X is only able to use single GeForce card.




Also, I'd like to report that font scaling problem is still the same in Beta 3... As in the screenshots, player nicks (including the name of item that you aimed at) and scoreboard, also including console, text is not scaled to proportion as other text.

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I'd say that the player list in the right-hand upper corner of the screen is only indicative of the teams progression and activity. It's importance is more important in timed game than marathon games as score matters.

I find that this list is fine and small enough for this purpose, while the text on the left should be a bit bigger.

If you are defending and see some team mates rushing to the front and die at the end of the tunnel (by seeing their names and killed by...) you get an idea of the threat ahead.

The communication should also be easier to read, so this fond should be bigger. To compensate for the intrusion of the view, it's presence is limitted to 5 seconds or so per message.

For team communication, this setup is a bit scewed as you cant always read what others are writing, simply because you didnt see it due to the heat of the battle you are in.

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