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Ladders launch you in the air.


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Confirmed this bug.

in the map Mountain-X, when you climb up the ladder at the mountain near the GDI Weapons Factory, if you reach the top of the ladder and side-step you are being launched into the air, allowing you to parachute down on top of the GDI Weapons Factory roof.

I just had a game where some one used this glitch to plant a Nuke Beacon at the roof of the GDI Weapons Factory, allowing them to easily disable our vehicle manufactoring.

I hope people won't abuse this glitch untill the next beta / untill it is fixed.

On a different note - overall great work on the map from Kenz. i'v played with him on his maps several times this week, i had great time and enjoyed every minute! :)

Keep up the good work Totem Arts!

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