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The Nod Engineer has been working hard on stealing GDI blueprints. Today, he successfully stole the blueprint for the A-10 Warthog. Be aware of him! He has went renegade and will not be merciful to anyone and anything on his path!

These are some of the pics that we have managed to steal from his private image gallery.

Everyone needs to be on their highest alert!



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@Truxa No it doesn't handle like a VTOL. It's like a jet; you get in and it flies automatically. You can slow it down and change directions and all.

@Lomztein This only works on Skirmish. The two console commands you have to type are:

"set RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_A10 MaxSpeed 500.0" - This decreases it's speed so you can fly it easier. (its original speed is somewhat uncontrollable)

"summon RenX_Game.Rx_Vehicle_A10" - This will spawn the A10 above you.

Have fun!

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