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PC Gamer: "Renegade X Enters Beta 3"


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Renegade X, the C&C: Renegade "spiritual successor," enters Beta 3

The developers of the free, fan-made Commander & Conquer: Renegade spiritual successor Renegade X have just released the game's third beta, which includes various bug fixes and optimizations, a new launcher, and two brand-new maps.

http://www.pcgamer.com/renegade-x-the-c ... rs-beta-3/

Personal Comment: Looks like PC Gamer yet again gives RenX some favorable coverage! This is awesome, and I am glad that they share a respect for this game with the rest of the community. Thanks PC Gamer :)

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It's getting laughable how this reviewer just can't get enough stressing how 'bad' the original was... lol

The original did have its issues, but it was considered bad because it had to compete with higher-end games, such as Battlefield 1942.

Then, you can't blame Westwood for having to develop it and rush it into markets within 8 months...

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