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Mines not showing up in inventory.

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Something I've noticed in beta 3 for the few hours I played last night is that whenever I would buy a new character after being a hotwire/tech, the new character wouldn't have timed c4 automatically. I would have to manually go in and switch to timed. It would show proximity in it's place in the PT but nothing would show up in inventory. This is probably from the hotwire/tech's c4 slot choice carrying over for some reason I would guess.

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I noticed the AT mines and EMP grenades replacing the timed C4. When switching for the normal grenades from timed C4, I also get this issue with hotty/tech that my mines are gone replaced with grenades. When switching to another character (after death) I see the proxy mines in the UI, but not in inventory.


I tested it out, I bought a techy, did my thing and returned to buy a sakura. The sakura had no Timed C4 and no grenades in the inventory, only the automatic free-pistol I bought as a techy.

re-accessing a PT and pressing [Enter] remedied the lack of C4/Grenades, but it shouldnt happen

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i noticed that as hotwire ...

after placing AT mines i was not able to get back my normal mines

even changing to a basic soldier and rechanging to hotwire did not help :(

had to die to be able to get normal mines again

yes, i noticed the same problem with hotwire and Nod technican.

And you have also this problem when you buyed EMP-Granates.

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Yesterday, I bought a techy to mine the base. After noticing GDI switched tactics to APC rushing, I purchased AT mines to counter that. It succeeded!

However, I was unable to reselect the normal proxy mines to continue on with base defending.

This lasted untill I purchased a free class and then a techy again. I had to repurchase my Carbine aswell.

On that note, a Mobius got the drop on me, but I still managed to kill him with my Carbine. It's OP, but there is another topic for that ;)

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