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In game comms


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As in, you want voice communications? There's comms if you hold control, alt, or both, but no true communication. Which is really frustrating in a game like this.

People have been requesting it for a while but (to my knowledge, I'd appreciate a correction) it's mostly just been radio silence from the devs.

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Hard to command and conquer without comms tho.

It's harder to c&c when all your teammates decide they wanna sing ;) The radio commands have always been more than enough in old renegade plus you got spotting with Q button . Ive played wars with people on Team Speak before , its more annoying than helpful in a 30 vs 30 game .

Besides , if you want comms so bad , most of RenX and Ren servers have a team speak server , which offers much better quality than any voip a game could have

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