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EVA Speed hack with video to show problem


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First and foremost, I have no clue whatsup with the EVA message. I did notice a couple things tho.

When you opened another browser tab, the screen starts flickering, is that normal? Or is it just the recording showing it?

Your download/upload speeds are huuuuuuuuuuuge dude! Wow!

My hard internet (through cable) speed is a steady 80 Mbps which converts roughly to 3 MBps. Its enough for me to obtain a latency of 30ms depending on server distance ofcourse.

Wifi is a bit slower but I believe the Wifi router is the bottleneck for that issue.

Upload steady at around 8Mbps (or 0.3MBps)

It's the fastest I can get in The Netherlands as far as I know. Though it's not glass-viber yet.


Perhaps your internet speed is so super fast, the game registers you as being generally faster (due to the connection speed and thus communication with the server) than others.

IDK, just guessing here to throw ideas to your problem.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

first off ... having 1gb lan dose not make your internet fast ... thats your internal network speed

when the "speed hack" was detected the ping shot up ... showing that some thing or some one was using internet bandwidth at that point in time (loading a webpage, windows updates, blah, blah, blah)

it seems to me that your internet got saturated at that point in time ... see what sort of ping and speeds you have to a server in France / Gernamy from http://www.speedtest.net/ as speeds tend to diminish over distance.

im in the uk and when connecting to the west coast USA i get this


and this is what i get inside the uk


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