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Spam suppression


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I'm a pretty fast typist, and often I'll try to type two chat messages quickly one-after-the-other.

Examples might be:

1) SBH inc

2) in tunnel now

The problem is that I type the second message so soon after the first that it doesn't get sent. My best guess is some sort of spam-suppression in the chat.

Any chance this can be relaxed? Or set to take effect on the 3rd/4th message rather than the 2nd?

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Probably a little bit of both. Should check if first and second message are exactly the same and block the copy. Then have a separate system to check how many messages in a row over a set time period. Just note that it could delay your message slightly, but you probably wont notice it if it's implemented efficiently (checks if just first letter is the same, if so, then compares whole message).

The issue I have is that I don't notice new messages. So many things are being said that don't matter to me, and there's no "new message" sound.

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