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C4 bugs

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Title: C4s and projectiles don’t hurt buildings

Bug severity: high

Exploding C4s attached to player or vehicle can't hurt buildings (you can't use kamikaze buggy with tons of C4 against buildings).

Only directly attached to the building C4s can hurt it (but even 1cm/inch close can't).

In the same way any other projectiles don’t hurt building if they explode very close to building but not in it.

Title: Flying C4

Bug severity: medium

If player has C4 (mine) attached to his model, when he gets in vehicle C4 gets hovering around vehicle at about 3-10 meters.

After leaving vehicle flying C4 can get flying around player.

Title: unarmable C4s

Bug severity: medium

Some enemy’s C4s or mines can get unarmable (about 1 case from 30). Repair gun can’t remove them

Title: C4 on moving parts

Bug severity: low

Attached C4s’ coordinates are fixed to vehicle center, but not to the center of moving part (wheel, cannon) of vehicle they are attached to.

When moving parts rotate C4s stay on the same position.

There wasn’t such bug in original C&C Renegade.



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