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Low FPS at "very low"

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Bug severity: very high

Very low FPS rate (even at "very low" graphic settings) on some GPU’s if screen resolution is set to maximum.


Set lower screen resolution.

If my max resolution is 1920x1080, then setting to 1280x800 fixes the problem.

Tested on ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650

Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00GHz, 4Gb DDR2, Windows7 x64 Ultimate

Haven’t noticed such issue in any other game.

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Here is my stats:

Resolution   Graphic preset  FPS rate (by map)
1280x800     Very Low        17-35(MesaII) 26-40(Walls) 22(FrontEndMap)
1280x800     Medium          10-19(MesaII) 13-20(Walls) 12(FrontEndMap)
1920x1080    Very Low         7-13(MesaII) 10-17(Walls) 10(FrontEndMap)
1920x1080    Medium           4-11(MesaII)  7-11(Walls)  6(FrontEndMap)

As you can see at 1920x1080 and "Very Low" settings FPS is lower than even at 1280x800 and "Medium" settings

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