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Name calling


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Being referred to as a "retard" after commenting on specific server settings is not realy adult-like behaviour.

What happened:

I was playing on the EKT marathon server on the Nod team. Nod had a full base while GDI only had the barracks left. (map: Field)

I commented on the fact that the EKT marathon server automatically spawns Bots up to a 1/2 full server (so it seems)

As we all know, once an SBH has decloaked, attacked or got attacked by a GDI player, 'all' the GDI bots will spot that SBH no matter if he's cloaked again or not.

I made a comment about the automated Bot spawning being in favour of GDI, on which an EKT member replied: "Sais the retard pretending to be a Bot" through IRC. (As I logged in as Truxa)

I wont name names here, but I hardly call that adult-like behaviour and it only reaffirmed me of why I enjoy the TmX server more so than the EKT server(s).

I like marathon and the only reason why I joined the EKT marathon server was the fact that the TmX AoW server was at 40/40.

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Hey Truxa,

Just to get this correct, your changed your name to pretend/fake to be a bot ingame and as other servers tend not to have bots I am assuming you done that specifically on the EKT servers as the Marathon servers at low player count add bots to make the game more interesting so to speak, people like yourself and alot of the clan players can tell who is pretending to be a bot ingame but we have had many occasions on the server where people pretend/fake to be a bot by using the tag and then other less expereinced players ingame asking us to remove all bots or vote to do so. New players to the game won't understand the difference between a real bot and someone pretending all they will see is the tag.

I personally think its a stupid thing to do to add the tag, just simply play with your real game name/tag aka Truxa like you normally do, and if someone calling you a "retard" online in a multiplayer game and you can't handle that and have to resort to making a forum post to make yourself feel better about it then maybe online gaming simply isn't for you. In EKT we always have a laugh and alot of banter goes on ingame and on TS/IRC if you have a problem or issue you where more than welcome to pop onto our clan forums (can't miss the web address its in the server name you join) and pop through a PM or pop onto IRC and message one of us, instead taking it onto an open forum I assume to gain traction or just get attention to me seems quite low.

End of the day you where pretending/faking to be a bot ingame which is lame and a stupid thing to do to be honest, if you can't take the heat when doing stupid things like that don't do it.

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I can understand that it may be a bit silly to use the tag - but nevertheless if a member of EKT (which represents your community) insults a player by calling him/her a retard then it's in bad taste and doesn't exactly give your community a good image.

I agree completely with Truxa that when commenting on a server specific setting, the player should be thanked for their feedback and not openly insulted.

It could have been handled better.


In response to our server always being full, we're taking steps to open up our clan server during peak times/weekends to better address this.

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Happens on matrix server aswell ...


but tbh i feel te in front of a name really is annoying and far from funny or anyhing

Thank you for bringing this to our attention - it has been brought up internally.

May I apologise for the players offensive comments.

However, may I also just state that it was a random comment and it wasn't in response to one of our players providing feedback.

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Happens on matrix server aswell ...


but tbh i feel te in front of a name really is annoying and far from funny or anyhing

Hi omega,

I regretted calling you an asshole from the second i said it and if i could undo it , i would. In that game, my team had managed to get 3 stanks behind your base totally unseen with the intention of nuking ref, i was getting nervous at the prospect of nuking as it would be so hard to get 3 stanks there again. But there you were in the humvee , incessantly circling the ref lol. I was just thinking to myself " who does that?!?!" and when you eventually spotted us and ruined our brilliant plan, i got a little butthurt and acted like a child, for which i am sorry. Ive been trusted by the TmX community to uphold certain standards of behaviour and i let everyone down, it wont happen again.


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I do that ...

a lot people ask me if that is fun or where the benefit is for me ...

Well it is fun, knowing that tere multiple SBH or even STANKS waiting for an opportunity ...

... there might be a tiny roll n me :P

but I also kow what it is like to be that SBH ...

and at the end my beneft is a healthy base, if it works ...

(KEYBOARD still broken)

oh .. btw


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:) it was just so frustrating because no one ever does that, and the one time i get 3 stanks at ref, someone actually does it! maddening !! Anyway im glad youve accepted my apology <3

Hi monkey!

What you did here (appologizing in full public) is highly valued (atleast to me) even though it does not concern me.

Anyway, about that ref circling, I have never seen it before, I agree and me too would be frustrated to see it. On the other hand, if he had spotted a single SBH or stank in the neighbourhood I don't blame him. I would do the same. In fact, there are only a handfull of players who actually actively holding back, driving around the base for the off-chance of finding any SBH especially on those maps without (active) base defenses.

Actually, I find it very frustrating when I'm playing GDI on such maps and I see no one doing it! (actively patrolling) Even when I spot an SBH and report the infiltrator in teamchat, I hardly get a response. Same with "need mines at area X" and 5 minutes later, that building gets destroyed by SBH infiltrators. (Might be a teamspeak chat-spy-tactic come to think of it)

It always ends up with the same people (like omega and myself) patrolling the base, doing the "boring" stuff, getting no rewards (in the form of points/credits) at all. But after a while, it becomes apparent that if we do not, the GDI base falls quickly. It's only rewarding to see the team winning, not realy a personal win as you do not get points (usually ending up in the lower-mid range of the list)

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