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Bouncing Rockets

Eagle XI

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Under a rare circumstance, of which exact reason i couldnt decipher yet:

Rockets fired by Stealth Tank will not explode upon hitting an obstacle but bounce off, travelling in the exact trajectory they had prior to bounce but in reversed now direction. Sometime the direction will be random instead.

When this occurs and the rockets stumble upon another terrain obstacle or encounter a friendly unit in flight path then they will bounce off again, changing course this time what seems to be always in a random direction.

Whilst all this happens they retain their warhead and still deal harm if managed to encounter an hostile within their current flight path, detonating sucesfully. However the rockets will self-detonate mid-air if they dont encounter anything to explode upon, after what seems to be expiration of an existence-timer for rockets.

Having those bouncing rockets around doesnt affect the vehicle driver in anyway, you can still fire a new salvo and continue to fight normally.

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