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Audio communication


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This game needs communication that does not require player to stop and type.

Team-wide or even server-wide voice chat would be good alternative to current integrated IRC clone.

Something like Team Fortress 2 has (Press V to talk).

What would be currently the best solution for enabling voice chat?

dedicated Mumble or TeamSpeak servers?

Game server admins could put link to voice server in description.

Or game client could be modified to automatically connect to voice chat server when player joins server.

And there could be small "speaker" icons next to player names when Tab is pressed, so that you can know who will hear what you ahve to say.

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Like Gatsu said, assuming a majority of players have mics, it wouldn't really work too well when everyone is talking. But even if it was a proximity based talking system, it would make it hard to plan stuff with your team... which would sort of kill the entire reason of having VoIP in the first place. Plus, then we'd have to worry about trolls and spammers just abusing the talking feature. They'd add a mute system, but by doing that you open up the gate to not wanting to hear anyone's voice (spam or otherwise). There is also good portion of people who play without sound or speakers.

All of that put together means that a VoIP function would never be accepted as a way of team communication. Text would always be the primary means of communication since you can't force players to have to listen to other players. You also can't prove to players who aren't listening what is being said when they don't hear it themselves.

I'd support it's implementation just to have it... I just don't think it's going to be too much of a benefit to the game.

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You are right.

Now that I think of it, even in other games that have voice chat in them, most players still use text to communicate.

I taught that because of more coordination and strategy needed in this game, it would be nice to have voice, but like you said, only small % of users would actually use it properly.

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