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Infantry Tiers


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Right now we have a pretty good selection of infantry imo, but one thing that bugs me about the selection is there are few advanced versions of lower tier infantry. Let me explain:

Marksman > Deadeye > Havoc - Good!

Rocket Soldier > Laser Chain Gun > Mendoza/Ravshaw - Good!

Engineer > Hotwire > ??? or maybe it's, Engineer > ??? > Hotwire

Flame > Chem Warrior > ???

??? > Stealth Black Hand > ???

Shotgun > Irish GDI guy > ???

Basically, what I think should be, is there should be about a 0~150$ infantry tier, a 200~600$ infantry tier and a 650~1,000$ infantry tier. There are not powerful options for some behaviors found in low tier infantry.


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It makes sense, for consistency purposes, to see these as tiers. But I personally think its less linear than that. True, there are roles that each "tier" fulfills, but I like how they can fulfill it in slightly different ways: rocket soldier has homing while gunner doesnt, deadeye has less bullet visibility than havoc.

As it stands, I think it would be even better if each class had a main role, but also could fulfill a secondary utility feat.

The less linear the better, as it would give more incentive to purchase cheaper classes

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Mcfarland HAS to be nerfed in the next release. His left click shooter is fine, its the right click option that can decimate 3 sakuras, which ive done countless times. 1 on 1 with any other infantry unit and I will come out on top with that right click explosive thing, don't even have to aim well.

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Actually, the right click is meant for tunnel sniper corner jerking kills. It just does too much damage. It should be good against sakuras as long as it does little damage easily, thus being used to chip away health and force retreat.

The other tiers, some of them are roles (SBH) and don't need tiers, the sharpshooters didn't even have a basic tier but not having any sniper to speak of is nothing but a k/d dump and almost is even with current class but much worse without so it was added, but overall a lot of things are fine since it is based off Renegade classes.

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McFarland is kind of OP, but then when you play against Grenadier you realize they are not THAT strong. Grenadier are pretty much as ridiculous against infantry and yet those are free.

Both of those (the Grenadier, and McFarland's 2nd fire) are ANTI-VEHICLES yet they destroy infantry.

Grenadier needs as much as 75% splash damage reduction against infantry. It should be complete garbage against them.

McFarland deserves the same nerf to his secondary fire.

And by all the gods stop giving GDI all the new toys. Grenadier gets secondary fire, they get McFarland, they get the new Patch. Nod gets hit with a shit Laser Chaingun and they have NOTHING to talk about.

They need some changes. Its pathetic, really.

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Grenadier could use a nerf. McFarland could actually use it's range on it's secondary and a drop of damage, 30 damage max. Maybe make it's shotgun the stronger damage shot as it's harder to use.

Nod Chaingunner could use a maintained spinup on secondary, it's new laser rifle is kind of strong when it lands and good players can make it land, and flame tank is in fact fairly stronger while its sad stealth tank isn't as strong but mildly useful.

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