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Where is the donate button?


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Hi there, just discovered the game, I can't believe my eyes. What a great job the devs are doing!

I could not find the donate button? Is there one?

If not you guys should put up paypal donations as gifts towards the entire team of developers. I want to support this, renegade was the best game I've every played growing up and your brining it back from the grave! I'm not buying the game but I would defiantly love to help support the development team so they can keep on improving this game and make it better and better with new maps and such.

If you do not accept donations for that then maybe a donation to start Ad Campaign to bring more players into the game?

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If you wish to donate, we suggest you donate to those that host the servers that you play on.

Renegade-X can not receive any kind of funding whether it be through ads or donations or even virtual currency such as bitcoins or dick strokings, we leave this to those that host the servers you play on.

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