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Walls exploit - Vehicles on walls


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Was playing tonight when I noticed a few people on the Nod team somehow getting arties up on the Nod base walls. They were camping there and basically using them as turrets. There was one on each side, like so:



I started up a skirmish to see how it was done, and by maneuvering the arty with enough momentum, you can roll over the rocks that are there to prevent vehicles from climbing the ramps.

You have a REALLY REALLY WIDE field of view up there, can basically see (and fire upon) most of the field.

Here's a panorama:


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You're wide open, too, quite easy to abuse.

You know, this brings me one thing I dearly despise about Renegade X. Invisible walls. Oh, well that goes with the bad physics.

The physics shouldn't allow you to go over things so stupidly.

Likewise, you shouldn't be blocked by stupid invisible walls everywhere. I'm sure "fixing this" for htem would just mean throwing invisible vehicle blockers or some such, and that just gets annoying as hell.

Personally I don't even see a problem with vehicles on the walls, though.

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I don't necessarily see a problem with vehicles on the walls except that they are not intended to be there.

They proved to be a problem for us after losing the barracks, but that's our bad.

I know what you mean about the invisible barriers, they are kind of annoying, but no game is boundless. From a design perspective it'd be nice to have rocks or trees where the barriers, at least so there's some logical boundary. Perhaps these are coming in future patches?

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make the rocks bigger and change shape ... an invisible wall should not be noticed to much then

invisible walls around big objects are no big issue for me ...

but invisble walls on open area is pretty 90s ...

maybe just add roadblocks on open areas ... and for things like walls you could just place "Danger - Minefield - Danger" sings and make a player explode if he walks more than 3 steps behind that sign ...

i know thats not the best solution but it is better than invisible walls imo

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