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Game unstable and freeze crash after Beta 2


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Beta 1 ran smooth as butter on my PC, now after upgrading to Beta 2 the game is nigh unplayable, it freezes every time after a little while of play (by little i mean 5-10 minutes).

It freezes, music loops, and i have to force close it with the taskmanager.

It generates no error message.

I have a suspicion it has something to do with air vehicles as it crashes twice as often when im in them.


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Same issue here and my drivers are up to date and I've reinstalled 3 times already. Vehicles jitter, freeze and won't move, characters just all of a sudden die and the text says "killed himself" when just standing in the barracks, triggers for placing cannon beacons and nuclear strikes only work after repeatedly pressing the appropriate key, and the game is constantly crashing. And there is a host of issues relating to unbalances in the game play. Just to clarify, where are we supposed to send our game dump files so you can fix this mess?

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