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floating arms

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I was playing as Havoc and while using the scope i suddenly saw a new set of arms! Forgot to make a screenshot but will do that next time i see it :P

It happened when i used the scope and went to 3rd person view, suddenly there were 2 arms holding an invisible gun behind Havoc. Like i said, once i get it again i'll post a screenshot (if that shows it)

Until now only had it as havoc, havent tried the other sniper classes yet though

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Yay for double post!

But i got a screenshot for what i meant:




So it isn't Havoc's fault, it also doesn't come from using the sniper rifle.. I honestly dont know how i did it, somewhere between 3rd person and 1st person something went wrong i think :P It looks like he's holding invisible mines!

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I find this usually happens when you start reloading a weapon, or your current weapon needs to to reloaded, and you switch weapons while it is reloading. Reloading all of your weapons, including mines and c4, should fix the glitch. You might need a final weapon switch after all reloads to make the arms disappear. If switching to first than back to third person fixes the problem (haven't tried this myself), then that might be the fastest way to fix it.

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