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[AGN] Anti Exploit Mutator v2.2 [27/03/2014]


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Hello everyone,

So after reading about players being able to purchase the Orca on any map (and some other exploits) I have made an Anti Exploit mutator.

I highly recommend that server hosts use this mutator.

What It Does

  • When an Orca is purchased on a map which does not support flying vehicles, the Orca is destroyed the second it exits the Weapons Factory.
  • The known exploit to get onto the mountain tops behind Nod's sniping hut in CNC-Field has been fixed.


Download here: Click me!

(Place AGNAntiExploit.u inside your servers CookedPC folder)


I do not have any mutators installed:

Put this line onto the end of your servers startup URL:


I have mutators already installed:

Ammend your servers startup URL mutators section to include:




Example startup line:

UDK.exe server CNC-Field?AdminPassword=****?maxplayers=40?vehiclelimit=12?minelimit=45?mutator=AGNBigHead.BigHead,AGNMutator.SnipersOnly,AGNMutator.DisableBots,AGNAntiExploit.AntiExploit -port=7777 -multihome= -nohomedir -configsubdir=Config_Server1 -log=LogServer1.log

If you wish to submit other exploits that you think I might be able to patch via a Mutator please let me know via a PM.


Change Log

27/03/2014 (v2.2)

  • Stability fixes.

26/03/2014 (v2.1)

  • Added CNC-Whiteout and CNC-LakeSide to the flying-enabled maps list.

25/03/2014 (v2)

  • Mutator now correctly kills vehicles, ejects passengers and kills them also if they are still attempting to exploit on CNC-Field upon the next check.
  • Fixed some server crashes.

24/03/2014 (v1)

Initial Release

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Can it be that this causes ALL the orca's to be destroyed? Just crashed out of a match (no warning, screen froze and i was back at my desktop, can't remember which server :P) but in Whiteout and Walls the orca just got destroyed the moment it left the WF

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You would know if it was my Mutator doing this on someones server as the mutator shows a message from [AGN-AE] in the EVA section at the very top left of your screen.

There was a bug (that has been fixed in a version released a few hours ago now) which killed orca's on the Whiteout and Lakeside map, however with my internal testing walls worked fine for me.

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