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I would like to start off by saying this game has excellent sounds, they are very crisp and rich with bass. The EVA announcements are great and are needed for many game play reasons. If you were not warned about an incoming nuke/ion or if you were not told which of your buildings are being attacked then this game would simply be too chaotic and difficult to manage. Defensive EVA messages are absolutely crucial to this games ability to work IMO.

But the EVA announcements are over the top and need to be toned down, redundant and unimportant messages should really be looked in to being removed or having options be created under audio settings allowing the player to modify which EVA sounds are played. One message i find myself not needing to ever hear is when a building in the enemy base is under attack. This is simply put, unimportant, for two reasons. Reason 1 is that I am either attacking the enemy base currently and can see which buildings are being attacked making the message redundant, or reason 2 is that I am defending our base and have no interest in what is being attacked in the enemy base. There is simply never a reason for me to know that the enemies Hand of Nod is being attacked by some guy with a automatic rifle, being destroyed is another thing. Changing this one option alone will seriously tone down the amount of EVA announcements being spammed at the player.

As it is right now, one thing that is making this game feel very flawed and broken is the overlapping and unneeded messages.

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I would disagree that that particular message is unimportant, for two reasons mostly.

For one, it would be nice to know where your team is focusing their efforts, which in turn gives you more of an idea where/where not your efforts are needed offensively.

Second, at this was at least true in the original renegade, if you heard some building was under attack, you knew the other team heard the same message about their building being under attack. Often enough, I would plan our strategy to be where we tap one building first, get that message out, and have their defensive response flood that building while our true target was another. It worked quite well often enough.

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I agree with the strategic value to enemy buildings being announced because it does exist. The same results can also be achieved through well planed double prong attacks set up through chat. As I said it could also be best for an option to control which EVA announcements you can hear (with restrictions maybe) for example:

-Turning off enemy harvester under attack announcements

-Turning off enemy base announcements

-Turning off or reducing the Ion/Nuke announcements to have less talking or reducing the announcement to an on screen timer. The announcements could be set to go off when the ion/nuke is placed and then a 30 second warning with another at 15 seconds and then maybe a 5 second warning when the alarm/noise starts to go off and that should be it.

As it is something just feel wrong about the whole system and its bringing the quality of the sound down in the game.

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