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Nearly no player at Beta2 :/


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Devs can you just blend all beta 1 server out in the server list? so all people ONLY see beta 2 server up ?

atm its messed up for all patched people... wasnt able to play 1 game since beta 2 release with more as 3 people...

this way nearly all would download Beta 2....

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I know its rude but I would remove Open Beta 1 server from the server list.

I would then change the 40 players max notice to some "Patch is available" message.

Servers without the patch would see no servers at all and only that message.

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Yeah, I find it hard to believe that there's more or less exactly 40 people that want to play at most times but have to go for the one or two full servers. It's not helping that there are still many formerly usually well-populated North American servers that have yet to update, but it's mostly the eternal quandary of how to get an empty server to that critical mass where most people see it as a viable choice and start to join.

I'm surprised the Beta One servers are still on the list at all, honestly. I guess I can't speak for the dev team, but I can't imagine they want anyone to be using it anymore; kinda defeats the whole purpose of a beta release if people aren't even playing the most recent revision.

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I don't see the issue with end map polls, the majority of the time they pass when one team has already lost early on in the game. Who wants to play Walls when their team has lost the Refinery at the very start? That's just illogical and it drops the player count quite a bit. In the short term it drops the player count of the server and in the long run it drops the player count of the game. Who wants to play the game if whenever their team has lost early on or in the middle of a match they still still need to wait more than twenty minutes for the time remaining to elapse?

One kind of player will vehemently, steadfastly disagree with me; the 'killwhore' who wants to rack up an exquisite amount of free infantry kills when it's clear the opponent team has lost the match. Then the already concluded match just turns into a massacre killing spree for the last twenty or so minutes of the match. Where's the fun in that?

My intention is not to be forceful, but at the very least if a large group of players feels that it no longer makes sense to play a match on the current map, shouldn't they ought to have the democratic power to put an end to the map?

All the arguments AGAINST the democratic vote expressed so far seem to lack a coherent argument and indeed seem to rely mostly on emotion. At least on the surface. This might be a gamer web forum so that isn't that surprisingly, however I do expect a certain level of serious discourse.

Remember very well that the debate doesn't just center around the feelings of individual players, of overwhelming importance is the game's player count. Do we want to lose players? We certainly will -- players will not quit the game when now and then on rare occasions a large group of players votes for ending the match (a two minute wait at most before new action). Yet players WILL QUIT the game if they're forced to sit around at least twenty minutes getting instantly killed by snipers in mere seconds after leaving a building. To think otherwise is all out preposterous.

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THERE'S NO INDICATION to players that there even is a beta 2... I hope the new beta added some kind of notification system. I want to burn down every server still hosting beta 1 servers... sigh.

yep still a lot of severs with beta 1 :S and its 2 servers i like to play on as well still full of beta 1 players makes me think to down grade just to play on it again lol

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