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A FAKE [TK2] Member Cheating and random in Renegade X


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Random name guy ( edited name out )

and Mcfat did just cheat 5 minutes ago on Noammo eu Rotation 1

and they advertised the same time the clan page Thekoss2.org.....

still i have a video of it if someone wants proof...

they had both a sidney with like 6 shots ( lIke a shotgun ) per second and did own AIR and a lot of units with this for fun.....

Did change title + text a bit because it looks like some random name changing child because of comments

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Tk2 is a renegade based clan...

If someone was cheating, they were probably abusing the name change system that is currently in place to get mods/Admins nicknames banned from the server.

Tk2 is not a cheating clan. If people were indeed cheating using these tags, it was not the real clan members.

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