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Importing content into UDK for mapmaking


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I have been never been one to make maps but Renegade X has sparked my curiosity, I downloaded the UDK and everything, UE explorer the whole nine yards. Now I tried to get The Renegade X upks to load into the content browser but I cant even get past that. I noticed that almost all the content is in the startup.upk and to make things even more difficult I cant get the textures to load, When I try and click "Fully Load" The UDK ends up crashing and what not. So I've now come here asking for help.

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I have a UPK unpacke , UPK decompressor. And a file that helps extract the textures. if you drag a UPK file on it as long as textures.tfc is in the same folder. would you like me to link them? I have a whole slew of tools for the job. Though I have all the tools I don't know what to do :]. Reminds me of Mr Fantastic in Fallout New Vegas xD All the tools, but doesnt know WTF to do with it.

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