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Resource Game Mode


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I think this game could do with an optional extra mode called "Resource Mode" , it would be separate to the main C&C mode and give both teams a limited number of resources to try and complete the game. The emphasis would be on saving and utilising resources efficiently and repairing your nice stuff instead of going gung-ho at the enemy base and it would likely stop long stalemates.

The specifics of Resource Mode are as follows.

Harvesters are Disabled

Both teams start with 50,000 to 100,000 in cash. Selectable on launch/by admins.

Base Repairs cost 2cr per tick, vehicle repairs are still free.

You no longer get money for kills/repairs/assisting or anyhting else that would normally give you credits.

You still get a score

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Zake. I think you missed the bit where I said base repairs cost money.. meaning that if you are turtling on one team, the other team is most likely assaulting your base and destroying your buildings. You will eventually lose all the money and the game. Turtling would be pointless.

Finally it is likely that the timelimit will still be in place, so the higher scoring team wins as usual.

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buy havoc, suicide, buy havoc, suicide, buy....maybe i'm a pessimist but i already see guys doing that ;)

besides griefers, i actually think it is an interesting basis for a new gamemode indeed, if such will be implemented.

Yeah I guess there would be some that would abuse it if they had access to the money directly. Maybe a class/vehicle cap so you could only build so many per game OR perhaps a long-ish countdown timer so you had to wait or go for something else. Maybe 100 creds = 30 secs. So Havoc would take 5mins to respawn.

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