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Future Game Modes


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what would people like to see, improvements for future game modes?

ideas I had which could be incorporated;

1) Pressing action on the MCT brings up the buildings purchase terminal (examples could be a laser barrier for extra defence or revive building etc).

2) Slow repair gun as a purchasable weapon/item.

3) Ability to buy the oppositions vehicles/characters for double the price.

4) Interactive AI/bots. When facing or pointing at a team bot you can control it with radio commands like Follow me, I need repairs etc.

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If you press Q when hovering over a bot, it will issue a follow me command and they will obey already.


Sole Survivor mode

Much like counter strike's 'gun game' mode. Players start off as basic infantry and as they gain kills, they advance through the characters and vehicles until the winner reaches the kill limit.

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How about attack and defend ?

1 Team got a base

the Other needs to kill it in time

The attacking team got 1 Panel for purchasing stuff Tanks will get delivered by Helicopter or just spawn

Each Building destroyed makes the income higher

Start income 0,2

Turrets ( lets say nod automatic ones ) Buff Income from gdi then if destroyed by 0,2 each

a Building Buffs the Income ( ref , pp , obelisk , ..... ) by lets say 1,5 or 2

Nod can Capture Defensive Buildings in front of the base like Undestructible Towers , or defenses ( Only captureable by Nod , Neutralize able by Gdi )

and such it isnt though out just came directly now by writing in my Mind

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Damn just copy off TF2. Everyone knows that's what'll end up happening.

I keed, I keed.

What about a cooperative mode? Everyone is GDI and they all work to infiltrate the temple of Nod and kill Kane?

this requires a lot of unique maps to be made, which the devs don't have time for. until mapping tools are released, you won't see this game mode anywhere. although it is my #2 of favourite game modes on Renegade :(

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