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Future game "promotion"


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This topic refers to "RenX downloads in last 10 days" http://renegade-x.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=72798&p=124471#p124471

Just had a thought.

Game's still in open beta. I think, when there'll be official release, the RenX might be green lighted on steam, then the number of online users will peek.

RenX will finally get his fixes, patches, tweeks etc. Will be more playable, have less crashes, servers and the gameplay on them will be more stable and perhaps it will be available on Linux and Mac os with out any launch support software. (If it's available already, apologies.)

That will be the point where game will require a good "spread-word" and promoting through (indie) game reviewers (or by ourselfs if any of us have a good hardware to record gameplay).

Think of such minecraft, while it still was in mid-beta it gained a big interest, although the game had a lot of annoying bugs and setting up the server was a challenge for average user. Why? Youtube was buzzing with minecraft various, humorous and eye-catching videos. Hopefully RenX won't have such big need, or won't be overrated (if it can :P )

We can dig out many other examples of "indie" games that have been recognized through over mentioned method. Minecraft isn't the best one but it went to the point where everybody knows it.

What's your point of view guys? So far I am worried that the RenX will get a bad opinion because of the state it's in and impatiences of players that are not entirely C&C Renegadized.

Share the view and build the community! : D

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  • Totem Arts Staff

The responses thus far have been mostly positive, everybody seems to recognise we're free, we are apparently a match for the "competitors" I guess they're talking about the likes of BF / Planetside w/e people compare us too.

It's tricky because when people play betas or work in progress they tend to judge it by the bugs and unfinished nature... with the prevalence of kickstarter and alpha-sold games this seems to be improving however.

Those who are involved in the indie scene and people that buy indie games before release sort of know what to expect... but I am not sure if our target audience falls in line with those people.

RX is primarily a shooter and besides attracting the original ren crowd attracts C&C fans and I guess "random" fps fans.

The former are easier to please than the latter because they thrive on familiarity and nostalgia. The latter are more critical I think.

What can we do about it though, not much right? Build an outstanding product and try to go for maximum quality within our reach, hope it gets recognised and word of mouth goes a long way then.

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The game basically has only one chance left and its Steam release. It already hit a low and overall I'd call the open beta release a bad release, one that probably drove more people away than it should have. Thats why I think open beta so soon was a mistake, but whatever.

There's a chance that an official steam release later down the line will attract attention. However, Steam has become saturated with stuff and more original, paid indie games have had sad success even on that platform.

As I've learned long ago, there is no point spending time making a maximum quality product if no one cares about it. But what can we do? Harm's done. Lets hope it doesn't die so soon. I really wish this would be populated for years, since its literally the only FPS I can enjoy today, but I have extreme doubts that it will.

I mean, we got big folks like TotalBiscuit review it now. What a complete waste. For all the views it got I feel like we got a handful of users. The game is not really working at all for the common folks, not from my point of view, not from the game's current population.

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If many people are getting game crash errors like the "UDK Stopped Working," they will uninstall and not look back. A few might come to the forums and try to find out how to fix it. I only put up with it since I'm a longtime Renegade fan. This should be the priority to ensure a healthy playerbase, I'm even willing to set aside the in-game exploits to get the crashes fixed first.

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