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Tech Building Suggestions

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Bear with me as some of these suggestions may be fanciful, undesired by some, or a hassle to implement. Try to be open minded about them though. I think having a good assortment of tech buildings and incorporating them into a lot of maps will add the maximum amount of strategy to matches. Providing multiple things to engage over.

Hospital: Infantry of the team that controls the Hospital have natural Mammy HP regeneration (up to half health).

Repair Bay: Instead of giving each team a repair bay on certain maps (old Ren) instead make it a tech building. Make it have two pads and repair at Hoty/Tech speed, but make it so you can not fire while on the repair pad (but can still be shot).

Defense Platform: A platform with three controllable turrets. In the center would be the rocket turret (sitting up higher than the other two by a little bit) and to either side of that turret would be two gun turrets. These guns would not be usable unless the tech building is captured. The terminal to capture it should be found on a lower part of the platform that is hard to defend with the turrets themselves. If an opposing team captures the platform while turrets are being used those turrets should explode while killing the occupant.

Mobius' Laboratory: Two different effects based on which team controls the building.

> If Nod controls this building they receive the ability to purchase Stealth Field Generator. When this is used it takes as long to set up as a beacon, only except instantly instead of a countdown. Its effect will last 10 seconds. During that period all Nod units caught within the sphere of the field will be stealth (even when firing). 1500 credits.

> If GDI controls this building they receive the ability to purchase SATSCAN briefcase. When used this reveals stealthed units on radar (only) for a duration of 10 seconds for all infantry close to the one who used the SATSCAN. 1000 credits.

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Well some should only be available on certain (possibly new) maps. I know I heard that the tiberium silo for the Under map (yet to be released) would be on the mountain side. The bunker side (the half-circle ridge) could easily accommodate a tech building. Maps the size of Glacier (and the new Goldrush) can easily hold more than one tech building as well.

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