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Game ideas!

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This is my first topic on this forum, been playing the game for years (c&c one duhh) and am extremely excited about this game :D (and i love it so far) I don't know if this belongs here but i trust some allpowerful mod could move it if its in the wrong place.

I had some idea's about this game, i think its cool if this could be added/changed in the game... Also don't know if this has been posted already but haven't exactly seen it.

First my wild idea; Would it be possible to alter the small-defense of NOD, would be awesome if it were to look and sound like the 'laser turrets' you can deploy in C&C ;) If this isnt possible, how about the idea of making them look like a 'tick tank' in its deployed phase. (would add to the "realism") Still, the Obelisk of Light remains freaking awesome.

Also, cant there be more tech buildings? Something like this:

Mutant Barracks - With this building a mutant class will be available to buy. (could be a mutant soldier and engineer who can regenerate small amounts of health standing in a Tiberium field?)

Tiberium Spike - generating extra $ to spend. (thinking about it, isnt that what the silo does? if so, ignore this line of gibberish)

Healing station - Standing in this building will heal you. (the stuff that heals you jams the weapon or something so it wont get abused as much? :P)

Repair pad - will repair vehicles..

Ammo house - once captured the terminal allows you to refill yourself!

Another idea that i doubt is my own, visceroids? If you get killed by tiberium or a tiberium base weapon, there spawns a small visceroid. (attacks only persons/vehicles) Each kill or standing in a tiberium field makes it bigger and harder to kill.

For nod maybe the attack bike as another vehicle or the banshee? However for gdi it would be epic if the 'walkers' could get into the game. By that i mean the Wolverine or the Titan. (wet dream: Mammoth Mk) Standing higher then a tank so it can shoot further but slower because it walks. Another unit that would be cool is the disrupter! For flying units i thought about the orca bomber or the orca transport.(the one that can transport vehicles)

So anyone else thinks any of these idea's would be cool? Is there a possibility that at least one idea is good for the game? ;)



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Hi ARC_trooper,

The units you're referring to are all from Tiberian Sun. This game takes place during Tiberian Dawn, which was long before that timeline, so the wolverines, laser turrets and such wouldn't be around yet.

I believe the game you're looking for is C&C Reborn, which is a Tiberian Sun mod for Renegade.

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Oh yea, i totally forgot about the timelines haha.. Still the recon bike should be an option.. and what about a tech building where you can refill the items (for a small price), this could give a tactical advantage..

Sometimes I'm not using my brain.

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