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Concepts - Allow destroyed base structures to be restored

Do you think solution 1 or 2 is a good idea? If not please choose a different option.  

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  1. 1. Do you think solution 1 or 2 is a good idea? If not please choose a different option.

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At present, defending and repairing key buildings is the only way to prevent them from being permanently destroyed by the opposing faction. Many rounds feel like they're over before they've had a chance to get started, since if one faction is unable to defend a key structure, such as an Obelisk of Light or War factory (or a player manages to infiltrate the opposing faction's base and plants an Ion cannon or Nuke becon), they will be quickly over run by more advanced units.

Solution 1

There would be a new soldier class called 'Commander' available for purchase from any base terminal. This would be an expensive purchase and only 1 would be available per faction. The commander would carry a portable device, which would allow him to access a user interface showing the health status of each base building. From this menu, the commander would be able to select destroyed buildings and restore these buildings to an operational state for a price, but with a minimal amount of health. Important buildings would cost the most to restore.

The commander would only carry a repair gun to repair newly restored buildings and would depend on team members for protection. Also, this class would not be allowed to pilot vehicles (but would still be able to be a passenger). If the Commander is killed, another player on their team will be able to become commander by purchasing this class. Also, players would be able to give credits to their team's Commander, so that the commander can afford to restore more expensive buildings.


Solution 2

Add a new building, called the Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV). This would be built by holding a key for a few seconds in a designated building area (which would look like a building site) within each faction base. The MCV structure would not exist at the start of each game and would be expensive to purchase - at least 2500 credits. After purchasing an MCV, the structure would appear in a low health state. In order for the MCV structure to become operational, the structure's health would need to be increased to 100% using 1 or more repair guns.

Inside a completed MCV building there would be a terminal which allows players to replace destroyed buildings by spending their credits. The more important the building, the more it would cost to replace it and the longer it would take for the building to become operational.

Each faction will be able to destroy the other faction's MCV structure in the same manor as other base buildings. If a faction's MCV is destroyed, the building disappears and a new MCV will become available for purchase. Of course, each map would need to have an space added to allow an MCV in each base to be constructed - Which could be a lot of work.


I believe these solutions would add an extra layer of strategy to the game and give factions with 1 or more destroyed buildings a better chance at winning. So, please let me know what you think of these ideas and vote in the poll.

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I actually seen alot af won matches after a building or 2 is destroyed, it tends to make people focus more, and be more aware of defense.

Anyways i dont think this is a good idea since it would make taking down a building less meaningfull.

The issue does not lie in the destroyed building rather than people need to learn to defend the precious structures.

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I think this would definitely improve marathon servers at the very least. Both options presented by the OP sound interesting. I think it's for server owners to decide though. Various very popular Renegade servers like MPF and st0rm allowed for this and I feel it would be disrespectful to not re-add the option for server owners to decide on this. Many players really liked the ability of restoring structures as it adds extra depth and teamplay to the game.

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Spy crates, parachutes, donations and other wise and gameplay enhancing gameplay elements added by Renegade X also weren't in the 'original code' of Renegade (though the game has code for a donation netcode event, cDonationEvent). They were all added by server-side Renegade mods.

So your argument is quite ridiculous. But yeah I don't mind them being added by mutators but doesn't it require developers to add extra support for it (I'm clueless about UDK and Renegade X server-side modding)?

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what i mean is the point you say it is disrespectfull ...

i thought you mean it would be disrespectfull to classic renegade ...

but what you mentioned was never in classic renegade ...

and since it was modded in later in classic renegade, i brought up that it will

be way more easy to mod renegade-x once mutators are supported

(mutators will be supported by renegade-x)

so i think later on every single server probably has its own mods running

some probably will allow donations to rebuild a destroyed building

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Oh you misread my post. I sense English isn't your first language (are you Chinese?). I said it would be disrespectful to server owners to not give server owners the FREEDOM to decide to enable building revival as was quite popular in the last few years in Renegade. I wasn't saying it is disrespectful to Renegade. :P

"so i think later on every single server probably has its own mods running

some probably will allow donations to rebuild a destroyed building"

I sure hope this will happen, at the moment every server is pretty much the same while Renegade had a wide variety of diverse game modes and server settings. As the saying goes, diversity is our strength.

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I am german and normaly my english is pretty good :P

but sure it is far from a native speaker and it probably lost quality while i lived in SE-Asia (spoke a lot pidgin english there)

i did missread that part of the post indeed ... what ever ;)

I still think it should not be supported by regular renegade-x, as it is the core component of the C&C_Mode ...

If they will add other game_modes (what they are actually planning), i could imagine reviveable buildings

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I do think Construction Yards should be an option in marathon, because there is nothing more irritating to me than spending an hour on a team without a freakin Bar/HoN; still perfectly capable of fending off attacks, but now half the gameplay is removed.

On anything with a time limit of less than an hour, I feel Construction Yards dont really contribute much. But even on marathon, Id handle it differently.

Here is my thoughts...

Have a ConYard from the beginning. It will restore a random destroyed building every half hour (or maybe 45 minutes) automatically unless it is destroyed or there are no destroyed buildings; also make sure they are the farthest building back in the base.

Why? This would make ConYards just another building to destroy in standard mode, but it would grant functionality on any server that chose to extend their time limit beyond the standard half hour. Basing it on time would prevent some cheeky bastard player that point whored at the beginning and didnt help his team repair to just run in and restore buildings instantly. Placing it in the back would prevent it from being point whored. Adding it to a server would prevent boring players from sitting there and just beating the closest building and accomplishing nothing.

In short: base it on time, not money; dont make it an easy target; prevents boring marathon servers stuck on Field without needing to evoke mapskip.

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To the naysayers - The development team have made several clever changes to the Renegade's design - Which has many flaws. Renegade is 12 years old - I think a lot has been learned about gameplay since then.

What I'm suggesting would reduce the emphasis on engineers needing to constantly repair structures - Which means players have the freedom to decide if they want to attack the opposing faction's base or be more defensive - it encourages a more dynamic game.

When players are forced into repairing buildings, this only makes rounds last longer and often results in stalemates.

Also - If destroyed buildings could be replaced this would make other ideas (that make the game more like the original Command & Conquer) more balanced. Such as: Commando units could carry remotely detonated explosives powerful enough to take out building control terminals with 1 hit and their cost would be increased.

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