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Anyone else sick of death crates?


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I never pick them up but I hate the animation of the nuke or ion blast and the splash damage it creates.

Please make death crate simply just kill the person like before. Should be 50% chance to just die, 25% for ion and nuke.

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IMO the weapons in RenX are far more powerful than in Ren. Also we can buy sidearms which are powerful too. You pay for sidearms, at least within a next update. Actually the sidearms are being held after your death except for the primary rifle trooper.

I want to say, you have to be careful when purchasing stuff (sidearms/equipment) for a paid character as for the Pic/Hav/Sak/Rav or below, always. As of now, if I want to hunt for crates then only with FREE characters and when I don't have any money and/or vehicle. There are many money crates around there as well. I got a STANK as GDI yesterday too.

Why should I check a crate with a Tier3-Character? You have everything already. But, it will go "boom"!!

Why should I check a crate with a vehicle? I go out of this vehicle, explode and an enemy can steal my Mammy/Med/APC?

But you are right, Valor. The AOE (Area of Effect) range of such a death crate is a bit too high. Yet, whenever I walked through tunnels (C&C_Field) with an allied player and a crate is infront of us, I have to look to Fall Back lol. My allied player will collect it and BOOM. Everything else is gone, so my favvy Pic. And because we are all running, the AOE range is ... too high.

We could see/use those crates as a last chance too. You are alone inside tunnels and being overrun by the enemy troopers... Hide yourself around a corner and when they are there, collect "THAT" crate and everyone explodes hehe. "Point has been saved!"

IMO and at least, reduce the AOE range of those special death crates by 10%-15%.

The spawning rate of crates in general is too high, too.

"CrateRespawnAfterPickup 30" -> 45 or 60.

I would like to see this change within a next update. Also IMO the crates are a secondary or more a tertiary objective, if a Tech Structure / Silo is hidden/existent inside a map. Capture the Silo and gain extra money so special sidearm weapons. Hold it of course.

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I would like to have more money crates with maybe low values (1-150 credits) and less Deathcrates ...

it is not so much the kill you get if you pick one up, it more is that i do not like all those huge explosions all the time ...

it is just too much ...

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