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Tech buildings? n00b question


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In some of the maps I see what look like tiberium silos. As an oldschool Ren player I'm pretty used to silos being damn near worthless (although they had their uses in the C&C RTS games). But now it seems they are "tech buildings?" I get alerts about a tech building being captured, etc...

I've walked up to these silos and tried to access their PT, but it never works.

So what's the deal with these things? How do you "capture" them, and what advantages does that give you?

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There are no "PTs" (purchase terminals) on the tech buildings / silo. Only "MCTs" (master control terminals).

PTs are for buying stuff, MCTs are for repairing and damaging buildings.

As mentioned, you use the Repair gun to neutralize / capture the silo.

Once the silo is captured you gain access to extra technology. At the moment this tech only consists of a few extra guns. We hope to add more stuff in the future. Keep in mind, the accessing of extra tech firearms it currently bugged. Losing access to the extra weapons is currently not working as intended.

Capturing the silo also rewards you with extra income/credits trickle.

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