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RenegadeX is AWESOME a true hidden gem.


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Just had to say how impressed I am with the game so far the ease of controls, No one shot kills, Vehicle use is extremely easy my only real complaint was the difficulty in determining who the enemy was, may I suggest contrasting colors? I am a new streamer as well and plan to stream this game in hopes of bringing some more recognition to it. I see one or 2 streamers but just wanted to ask if it is okay to stream this game? I believe it is I haven't found anything saying I can't so if someone knew for sure that would be great.

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I don't speak for the devs or anything, but the game is in open beta stages and wouldn't foresee any problem with the streaming of an already public game. See you on the battlefield, dude!

I hope it is ok because Kenz, I, and some others already do it. I would feel real bad otherwise.

Hope you really do bait some new players, especially when Beta 4 comes out with all it's fancy improvements.

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