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Can't Join Own Server


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I have created a server using the instructions here viewtopic.php?f=119&t=71916

The Server window starts, the only options I have changed inside of Config\UDKgame.ini is the gamepassword, adminpassword and server name.

I start the server and the commandline comes up and appears ok, I joined the server fine at first but upon someone else trying to join the same server on the same network they end up in their own server or the wrong server altogether.

I found the thread which mentions not to sort and use the launcher etc which we are doing but now when we press join and enter the password nothing happens. Joining using the launcher simply brings us to the main menu not directly into the server. Ingame browser is the same.

We can see the server and have even taken the password off for the time being. I have noticed in the commandline for the server it now says TCP connection closed does this have anything to do with not being able to connect??

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When RenX does nothing when you press "Join" this normally means that the RenX Client is unable to establish any communication with the server (aka, it cannot connect to it), so this would point to a firewall issue.

The TCP Connection Closed is totally fine, that is just the game server stating that the TCP Connection to the master server has been complete (The master server is the server in which holds the server list, and sends the server list to clients upon request).

However, you say that it's on the same network - so this other player is also in the same building as you i assume?

Have you both tried to connect directly using the IP Address tool - reason is if you are hosting this from home you would not be able to use the server browser to connect to the server, reason: When the RenX server broadcasts to the master server to say "Hey, I'm a new server, add me!" - it will add itself from the Source IP Address that the request was sent from, in your state this would be the WAN side IP Address of your router.

But hey, I am starting to ramble on now haha.

If u have any more questions let me know!

ps - I am not a RenX Dev or anything, so some stuff I've said above could be wrong.

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Thanks for your fast reply! :) appreciated

I have the tool (RxCMD.exe I assume??) and I seem to be able to connect to the server that way and enter rcon commands etc, how do I connect directly using the tool? What command do I type? Is there a way to show via the command tool to display the IP we should be connecting through:

I did think firewall issue, both systems have windows firewall turned off and we pressed Allow access when the game initially ran, would this be all we have to do?

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I just created shortcuts from what was put on the desktop so the icons are there...i have several direct connects to the servers I like...

Here is one example...just put your Server IP address (local) and port...you can use the same for any server really.

In your shortcut put the following (assuming your UDK is in default folder)


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe" :

Start in:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X\Binaries\Win32"

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