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Weapon and Vehicle customization


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There should be a selection that would allow us to customize weapons and vehicles, such as a weapons with iron sight could be equipped with holographic sights,laser targeters and Jacketed lead bullets which would have higher velocity and accuracy and would be used for snipers.

For vehicles such as humvee and buggy would have a TOW and Hellfire missile modification which would be used instead of its own machine gun.For tanks an anti missile defense system which would have a certain ammo and reload time not to give the tank an advantage,HE shells against infantry, HEAT against vehicles,an AT missile launcher against air or ground one type of shell or modification could be used at a time.For MLRS missiles with nerve agents which would have an AOE effect and would be good against infantry's. APC's would have AT missiles or Mortars. Mammoth and Stealth tank would have missile and shells alike.

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This would be shameful to implement into the C&C Mode. However, it does sound a little bit decent for another game-mode, such as deathmatch or team-deathmatch. But then again, this would stray the game away from the original Renagade, and seeing that people aren't pleased with the changes Renagade-X has made to the original game it's highly unlikely that they will implement any of this. Maybe I'm wrong.

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Well there is no more strategic in place once you cannot make any expectations of your enemy anymore. For example if you have 201hp/ap and you got hitten by a sniper, then you know you can handle one shot. But with weapon customization, you can not expect how the weapon of the enemy will react.

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