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Old to New Ideas

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Hi Devs and Grunts

These are only ideas that were included in some of the original DLC's for the Original Renegade.

In the Original Renegade some of the Final DLC's included New content and Gameplay changes. Some of these are,

"Civilian Vehicles

A Nod Scout Bike with anti air rockets

Faction specific Repair pads

Neutral Civilian Bot faction with guns

Larger maps

Small villages/town for the Civilian bots

Engineers no longer able to repair vehicles

And buyable and drivable and usable Tiberium Harvesters"

All the above is and was for multiplayer.

Ok lets start Civilians, Civilian Vehicles, towns and Large maps..

Civilians were added with guns as an extra difficulty to increase the challenge during a Multiplayer match, civilian vehicles were added at the same time 3 I remember are the Pickup, Car and Van, to close the gap was obviously a small town or village, hence the Large maps for originally 24-32players (now it would be 32-64players), Large maps were added to spread things out and give more use to the transport vehicles.

Engineers and Repair pads.

Repair pads were add so that if your vehicle needs repairing you'd return to base and do so, also they turned off Engineers repairing vehicles because on the battlefield they could repair vehicles non stop effectively making the vehicle twice as strong, so repair pads were added to make the game fairer.

The Nod Scout Bike, that says it all really.

Fast, durable, has missiles..

Drivable Harvester.

The first harvester was always an NPC but they gave the player the option to buy and use and to help increase credits more efficiently, it could also be repaired on the Repair pad, the Player controlled harvester would automatically harvest Tiberium when on the Tiberium field then the player would return to the refinery.

That's about it..

The Civilian Faction bots could be changed to become a 3rd playable faction and have their own Garage (war factory) and House (barracks), the default Power station and Refinery, just an extended idea.

Thanks for reading :-)

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Nod bikes are not good cuz a nod bike rush could be used to take out a whole base

Drivable harvesters would greatly increase income.These are used in Tiberian sun reborn.

Civ faction idea would be like this http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/NCM_Revolution but i dunno.

Repair pads could be good but engineers get money by repairing and its better to have engineers and no repair pad.

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The way it is reflects legacy Renegade. The olde Jelly servers played with most the features chosen.

I think Reborn is the only Renegade thing that used non-repairable vehicles at all, APB made a special unit that can only repair vehicles and another to only heal infantry and another to repair buildings.

Civilians were mainly only used in Single Player, if not for that the models for the Pickup Truck and Civilians or the White Faction wouldn't even be in the game files (which they need to be for players to load them). They would add fun to this game but they still are a stretch.

The Recon Bike was used in fan maps, it worked mostly, it could totally be added to this game for some maps or a tech building to make them, but they need tweaked heavily in balance. Renegade made them useless and lacking of purpose. This game can give them either an easy way to get around, possibly drivable through tunnels, or some form of scout tools.

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Again thanks for a reply :-),

Engineers can still repair buildings and people but not vehicles, as vehicles can be repaired on the Vehicle Repair pad, here's a link to show what the Repair pads look like - http://media.moddb.com/images/downloads ... sMODDB.jpg - they would help to balance the game and help to make it fair.

Here is a link showing the Nod Recon Bike - http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php ... &id=10123& - it had very low armor but was quick, so doing a base rush never happened at the time, also the Devs could make a GDI Recon Quad or something to rival the Nod Bike, lol :-).

I left my old Renegade unmodded (vanilla) and I had that stuff added from Updates/DLCs. :-)

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BunkerTS had a repair pad. Just engis also repaired vehicles. I mean, it does change the game. My arguement is, whether more or less fair, that when done that game no longer remains Renegade, it might be the Tiberian Dawn version of Reborn, but it PLAYS more like Reborn and LESS like Renegade. That is a pretty big change of gameplay from what Renegade was.

I don't remember any actual Renegade games I played without repairable vehicles.

Ask for recon bikes, that is... bad ass. I didn't think about it, but GDI COULD get a Quadbike, and NOD COULD get the recon bike, and they both can be used for some sort of very light field-deployment vehicle.

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I don't think I've tried Reborn, I only remember and had the actual Westwood Original and the 1st Decade versions.

I'm sure if they added the idea it won't change the game play style and as its only an idea to add them, they can still do it so that we have repair pads but engineers can still do all the repairs.

Civilian faction bots or players probably won't be considered cause of the possible difficulty to implement it, but would give an increased challege.

We need bigger maps plain and simple, lol.

And the recon vehicles would be a great addition.

Also buyable, drivable and usable harvesters would encourage player to help increase credits. :-)

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All of this stuff was fanmade and you should see some of the things modders are doing with the renegade engine. You can pretty much add anything you wanted to the original ren, and once they release mod tools for RenX you will start to see many of these hings reappear if they arent planning on adding them already.

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Hmm for me it's one of the core elements of renegade that the maps are not that big. I love the smaller maps from the original like islands, walls, and canyon. The smaller maps really give renegade a different gameplay. In the newer maps from renegade x I already feel out of place with all the trees and objects and those maps are a bit bigger than the originals.

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Hmm for me it's one of the core elements of renegade that the maps are not that big. I love the smaller maps from the original like islands, walls, and canyon. The smaller maps really give renegade a different gameplay. In the newer maps from renegade x I already feel out of place with all the trees and objects and those maps are a bit bigger than the originals.

The core missing element is the C&C graphics style but the Maps are as close to original as possible considering its a UDK (using the Unreal Tournament Engine 3/4) , the RenX maps support 64players, the original support 12players, the RenX small maps better suit 24players Max.

You feeling out of place is more likely due to the graphical style, the Original uses the Renegade Engine, the New one uses the Unreal Engine 4, the Renegade Engine supports DirectX8-9 and didn't support mass detail (loads of trees etc) and a max resolution of 1600x1200, UE4 supports DirectX9-10-11-12 and a max resolutions to 2500x1280.

RenX needs larger maps for mmo lovers needs of 64-200player maps, but to do that they need to make non original maps.

There are games that better suit your needs or desires but for that you need Bluehell Productions and there standalone "Renegade Engine", Tiberian Sun Reborn or coming soon Red Alert 2 Apocalypse Rising.

We can always add each other to Steam friends to talk more about it if you like.

And I might upload a "wasptube1 Plays Renegade Reimagined" video to my YouTube channel sometime, my channel name is "wasptube1"

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Man! I had forgotten about some of this old stuff. I really enjoyed the larger maps on the old Renegade, and some of RenX's larger servers could really have some fun with 64 players games on something like a new Cairo. The repair pads and drivable harvys would also be really cool.

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