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The Obelisk

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We all do know, the Obelisk needs to acquire and to charge an enemy at first before shooting. And there a bug/glitch will happen.

If the Obelisk has acquired an enemy and charges and then this enemy falls back so the Obelisk cannot hit it anymore, within this special same second I came around a corner/tunnels - ALONE - the Obelisk insta killed me.

Sure, the Oeblisk was charged up, but it didnt acquire me.

I think it could also be a map-related glitch. This happened on C&C_Fields, I was moving alone through the tunnels straightly to the airstrip. In meantime I heard the Obelisk was charging.. was it me maybe? Did the Obelisk acquire me through the hill inside the tunnels and waited so long until I came around the corner? Ah, maybe not.

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This was true in original Renegade. I don't think it's a bug and it isn't a problem most of the time. You have to consider the weakness the Obelisk has. It fires slowly and only against single targets (mostly). Where as the AGT can fire on multiple targets and do so instantly. You should always keep an eye on the ob before you expose yourself to it. Also remember that it is possible to juke the ob to a degree.

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There happened an other issue, done by the Obelisk yesterday.

As Nod on C&C_Fields, we defended our base. We were getting rushed by Mammoth Tanks. The Obelisk Destroyed one of these Mammies and without a second charging it killed an enemy engineer at a different spot/direction directly afterwards. So the Obelisk killed a Mammy on the left and an Engy on the right direction within <1 second, but charged only once.

Ah, there wasnt a sound bug or glitch, since the Obelisk destroyed 2 different targets within less than 1 second.

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