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[Being Updated] N3tRunn3r's Suggestions

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* Jumping should use some sprinting energy, maybe 1/10th or like 1/20th part per jump.

* Refilling on a terminal should refill the sprinting/(jumping?) energy as well

* If an enemy planted a timed or a remote C4 on your body, refilling on a terminal should defuse/disable them

* Reduce death crate's AOE (Area of Effect) range by 10%-15%

* Add new HUD element to show off your current used/unused seats inside your vehicle and/or APC

* Change the timer of EVA's messages. To listen to "..under attack!", "..has been repaired!" every second is argh

* Globally increase "CrateRespawnAfterPickup 30" -> 45 or 60

* Change the Vehicle Limit to 20

* Be able to collect crates with vehicles. Death crate? Only vehicle explodes. New Char crate? Char will be changed

* If the Obelisk charges and acquires an enemy but this enemy falls back, the Obelisk should NOT kill an other random enemy within its sight and by this same charge. It should re-charge and re-acquire an other (random) enemy, or that enemy again if he returns back into the Obby's sight. Also an other logic here is, Obby charges but doesn't shoot cuz the enemy disappeared, enemy returns and get insta killed without a next Obelisk's recharge.

Well, for me it is a bug.

* Change the price of special weapons. $1000 for Airstrike/AC-130, $1500 or even $2000 for Nuke/Ion Cannon

* Change the AI that it doesn't lay any FAILED PROXY MINES on multiplayer games anymore

* Add various taunts, built-in commands as !time, !donate, !td, ...

* A single $800 FTANK kills a $1500 Mammoth Tank within seconds simply doesn't fit! Change the FTANK's weapon against heavy armor. Slightly buff it against infantry/no armor, higher its AOE. Nerf it against Heavy Armor. Keep it as it is against Structures. BTW, does the Mammy even have a "Heavy Armor" flag yet?

* Change the speed and ROT (Rate of Turn) of various vehicles, e.g.: STANK is too slowly, also with boost enabled; HummVee's/Buggy's ROT without boost is incredible high but looks ok while driving with boost. Nod's APC Rate of Turn is too high also while driving with boost.

* Change credits income. If the enemy team has no Refinery but we still have it plus the captured Silo, I will usually have average credits of ~$20k while the enemies have like nothing (take a closer look to the screenshot). What to do with all these credits? Team Donation for just-joined players would be nice, as mentioned above:


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I think the airstrike and nukes are quite adequately priced due to the delay between their time of deployment and when they actually hit. Also due to the risk that you can easily lose it if you are sniped or something when you're deploying it, where time taking for deployment should also be taken into account.

I really don't know what's all the fuss about these things' prices being too low. I have avoided about 75% of the airstrikes targeted at me because of the delay in the time between when i get informed that the enemy team has deployed an airstrike and when the airstrike actually hits. And that, is another reason why it's adequately priced. If the price is risen to 1000 or 1500, I would like it to be instant.

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Death crates will be disabled server side for the time being for the next patch release.

There are already several key bind commands for important commands.

Agreed on the obelisk point, but I do not think it has been addressed yet.

Building has been repaired is being turned off for the time being for the patch.

Airstrike is being nerfed in a few different ways, and is also seeing a price increase of $100.

Several vehicle speed and turn mechanics have been changed for the next patch.

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