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Player list and colors

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Team colors are getting pretty confusing.

In the mini score board in the top right corner, the total team scores are shown as yellow for GDI and red for Nod. However directly below that is the player list which is shown as yellow for your own team and red for the enemy. So when you're playing on Nod the GDI players suddenly have red nametags. Same things happens with the HUD where enemies are red by default.

Please make this uniform. GDI = yellow and Nod = red, regardless of what team you're on. Would make identifying enemies a lot easier.

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this is the only thign that seems to make things overcomplicated, i see teammates shooting each other amazingly often be they new players or old, its amazingly confusing having our HUD/s or unitframe tags show as mixes of red/green, no1 can tell whos who esp engineer units, and waiting for a red rectangle to appear when your close up isnt ideal.

make the colors static, no green stuff used for both, fully red for NOD players/teammates and orange for GDI, the amount of times ive not shot someone because i saw a green = friendly overlay then got shot to bits when i finally notice the small red box makes the game more difficult than it needs to be.

same deal with vehicles etc, ive seen ppl firing blindly at anything just to see if dmg registers or not shooting vehicles that are hostile because they cant easily tell any difference.

myself and hopefully others would prefer to mouseover a player and see just RED for nod or just ORANGE for GDI, that or make it like other games, aything red = enemy, anything green = friendly regardless of faction.

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