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For the Devs: Randomized terrain features


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I came upon this idea last night and I thought I'd share it with the Dev team, maybe it has been considered or discussed before but anyway here it goes:

What about having some randomized terrain elements on each map? The way this could work is as follows:

Have things like bunkers, rock formations, civilian buildings, concrete barriers and so on be created at one of several possible spots at match start. You would have, let's say, three different places where you put the rock object inside the map editor, and add a small script that randomly determines at match start one of these spots as the final location of this terrain feature. Do this for several other terrain objects as well, and you have a map that has the same layout as always, but with some minor things different each time it is played. The bases should be exempt from his obviously because it's too hard to balance a constantly changing building layout. The randomized spots can be anywhere outside the base perimeter and designed in a way that they are not game-changers that suddenly provide artillery a covered spot from which to shell the enemy base, but instead forces minor adaption when approaching the base as infantry, for example.

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Not on every map, but it would be very interesting to see a map choice (like at the end of each game) called "randomize", where each time you load it, it's a different map created entirely randomly.

This could work wonders for strategy building. Like Fischer Random Chess.

Could be cool.

Then again, it's not really Renegade. That seems more like a future mod.

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