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Rencorner.com Sniper Only Server


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Hey All,

After some work we got up a basic Sniper-Only Server. Snipers are the only class that can be purchased and the maps are limited to Field and Islands Only. Please stop by and check out sniping in Renegade X.

Few Rules:

-Only buy snipers

-Stay in tunnels

-Do not attack buildings

The ip is

See you in game and work on those head shots!

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Played a nice 2v2 on it. Thank you!

Some notes: people still can put c4 on buildings, i dont think there's much you can do about that at the moment but hopefully we dont have to deal with griefers too much. Also if they destroy the refinery, new players joining can't buy the free snipers with 0 credits, its greyed out :o

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