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[ENG][EU] Aggressive Gaming


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Aggressive Gaming

Teamspeak IP:

Dont have Teamspeak? Get it here


Our Network:



Hello and welcome to Aggressive Gaming a Multi-Gaming Community. We host many different game servers for our members as well as a 512 slot teamspeak and forums we use for any communication purposes. If you are looking for 100% Legit and fun, aggressive PvP action, Aggressive Gaming is the place to go. We are starting small with this game at the moment to ensure the player we have are legit, and mature. This place is the shit. We do have a few requirements that i will list below.

Ages 18 years and Older

Teamspeak 3 and a mic is required

You must be mature

A little more about us:

In teamspeak expect to see about 50-80 people on total at our peak hours, 300 registered members within forums.

We host a teamspeak server, & several other game servers (Dayz, MC, Rust, Renegade X as soon as i figure out the kinks)

Teamwork and dedication are what we strive for.

Mostly based in U.S, however we have many players from EU, AU, NZ. As long as you speak English youre welcome to join

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I've been sitting idle in the TS RX room the last couple of hours with some guy called sLaYer, however he wasn't in the game when I asked so I didn't bother to play alone. I hope some more people get online so I have someone to play with in a coordinated manner :)

My TS Username is Cherno.

edit: Nice, 10 minutes after I posted this we got a game going :)

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Alright, thanks to all who played today on the MPF Slaughterhouse #2 Server, I think our little team made at least some victories possible. While we weren't flat-out game changers, we did manage to organize the occasional Flame Tank rush :)

See you on the battlefield! Thansk to Agressive Gaming for the Teamspeak server, I am already thinking about joining this fine community.

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I was playing with you guys for a bit, mainly dominated most games with some good teamwork :)

Yes we did okay I guess, at least I think we won all matches :) I hope to see you and sLaYer this week in RenX.

I suggest just hanging out in the TS channel if yomeone wants to play, this way others can see that there are people waiting for players.

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