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Default nuke warnings too quiet

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Today I didn't hear 2 nuke warnings ("Warning, nuclear strike incoming") because I was in a big tank fight and it's a lot quieter than 10 tanks firing at the same time... and 2 guys I was playing with told me they didn't hear it either. Others have posted threads about it on the other subforums.

So, it should to be louder and/or a warning should be added to the HUD.

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All EVA warnings or updates are too quiet. We have the other sounds lowered to compensate but it doesn't seem to do much. If all of the sound sliders are on the same thing, it's almost impossible to make out what EVA is saying, whether it's your base under attack or a beacon being planted.

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The EVA voice is the achilles heel of this overall excellent game. The voice recording is just plain bad. I hate to sound rude but it is the truth. Its hard to understand, where as the voice in renegade was crystal clear, and had clear enunciation and voice acting. I would just use the stock eva voice. Voice acting is not as easy people believe. The regular renegade EVA voice from a sound design perspective was essentially perfect. It served all the intended purposes.

Please add an option to use the renegade eva voice, even if it means replacing the individual unit ready messages with just the generic unit ready.

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