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Teamspeak IP: ts.xs42.net


XS42 is a small new gaming community, who host a DayZ Epoch Server, Renegade X Server(s) and on event base we run servers for other games too. The server is sponsered by XS4ALL Internet a Dutch Internet Service Provider.

Renegade X Server(s)

#NL 1 [XS42]Gaming DEDICATED NO LAGG 20vs20 http://WWW.XS42.NET


We will be hosting more soon...

How To join

Be active on our servers and teamspeak for 3 days long, and we will ask you personally if you like to join don't ask us if you can join.

How to become a admin

You don't have to be a member to become a admin on our servers ask(ask don't chat!) a admin on teamspeak if you can become one.

  1. *Be active on our server and teamspeak

  1. *18+ years old

  1. *Keep yourself to the rules of XS42

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Thanks for posting, I might drop in this weekend, but one thing that's missing is what time zone you are located, if any? I would guess it's GMT+1 judging from your sponsor but I can't be sure ;) Also, are most members Dutch and is the Teampeak language English?

Thanks you for your interested, we're a open gaming community but most people are european yes.

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