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Redirected to other server upon joining


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Trying to join friends or have friends join me is a giant hassle.

scenario one: We all agree to join a server. I click join and am sent to some random server on a different map with a different amount of players than the browser showed. My other friend is sent to another server on a different map with an even more different amount of players. Lastly my third friend is also redirected to some random server.

scenario two: we attempt to enter the IP and can join a few servers correctly, however many of the servers require a port due to running on the same IP. Being unaware of what the port is makes our choice of servers very limited. Sadly sometimes after we enter the ip it just kicks us back to the main screen or doesn't do anything at all.

We are all baffled at this strange anomaly and have never experienced such a bug in our life times.

Also as a side note, the "map and ping" does not show up in the browser list for any of my five buddies who play this game.

Once again thanks for everything you all have done, much love <3

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I've been running into the same issue here, I think it's with sorting the in-game server browser. It's almost like it changes the display order but not the server data order.

That's exactly right. The map and ping do not work in-game either.

Use the launcher browser instead.

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