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Random suicides?


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Not 100% sure it is a bug but just thought i'd report it :)

Me and my friends were playing for a good couple of hours and we all had problems with random Suicide moments.

This means that you're standing in a building somewhere and suddenly die for no apparent reason with the game saying "Evermourne committed suicide" which of course.. did not.

It is hard to explain moves when it happens. but it happened most of the time inside building or hard terrain area's (like mountain ridges). it happened too all of us so cant be coincidence i thought :P

It is quite frustrating that you die right after you spend like 1000 credits on something because you did a weird jump inside a building :o

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yeah well dying in a field while doing stuff that is related too battle can still be like a real death but just the source is wrong. someone might of actually killed you (like that team mate) but it registers it wrong.

for me those where moments where i just dismissed it. but a lot of times it happend while inside my own team buildings while no possible link to battle was present at the time. no enemies in the base or tank fire that can bash in or anything. just standing near a terminal and suddenly boom death :o.

but good to know i am not the only one who get's the random suicide messages :)

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