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With the game having just released (well, publicly in Beta), I figured I'd offer some of my feedback as well.

First things first, my initial impressions were positive. I went in trying not to focus on small details or with a purist sense of everything having to be a given way, but rather on one thing; does it feel like Renegade? Almost totally. It doesn't feel like Renegade did in 2004 nor does it bring the Nostalgia back the same, but it still feels like the same gameplay. You guys hit it, perhaps not perfectly or without flaw, but you did. There's some new things that I like yet hate (airstrikes), and there's some stability issues (at least for me) and slight other small bugs, but it definitely felt like Renegade, even with some nice improvements, and at least so far, there's been a lot of players. I hope this continues, and to anyone involved in making this a reality, congratulate yourself; this is a great landmark for the game/community of Renegade and even Command & Conquer as a whole.

With that in mind, the following are some of my impressions of things that, without a better way of putting it, somewhat negatively jumped out to me, but largely don't detract from the overall state of Renegade-X.

1. Just starting up the game, I was met with an opening clip with overly loud music. Can this be lowered?

2. The default sound levels seem an ill fit. The biggest issue is that you can hardly hear the EVA announcements, which should be prominent. I dropped sound effects to 50%, music and ambient to 75%, and dialogue and EVA to 100%, and it seems better, but could still be improved. The radio commands still seem on the quiet side. I love the added immersion of the sounds of war going on, but the sound effects, especially in battle, are too loud and the EVA announcements and radio commands get drown out.

3. I love the Nod announcer, but the GDI EVA announcer could use a little more work. One thing in particular that jumps out is the way "GDI' is said. She says it too slowly and/or with too much emphasis on every letter, so it sounds a bit awkward. Otherwise, it's not entirely terrible, but it feels a little below par of that of Nod's (and I like that you went a male announcer; the Nod announcer for Tiberium Wars/Kane's Wrath is my favorite).

4. I am aware more maps are coming, and although I know many may dread some of the one I'm about to mention, I sort of expected Under, City, and/or Hourglass to make it in. I'm not disappointed that they didn't, mind you, especially if they are all planned; it's just that City was a big favorite if I remember right, and Under was a bit iconic/staple, as was Hourglass in some ways. I do have a question regarding maps. I know you have made and may make more original maps (or tweaked sequels in the case of Mesa II). Will you guys also try and recreate any of the fan-made maps from the original game (or will permission largely hinder this?), and if so, which ones and/or how will you decide? Glacier is one I'd like to see offhand, among others, for example.

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Ah, no, I haven't played Whiteout, but thanks for the information.

If City isn't really planned, that'd be a shame, and I'd wonder what the issues were. It was one of my favorite maps.

I'm trying to think what the problem could be. The highway comes to mind but I can't think of anything else.

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'City Flying is our cursed map. We've had multiple people start it but nobody finished it.

There's also the issue of assets... if you want a convincing looking city you need quite a lot of stuff.

-- We'll have to see what happens post release, we would like to see it come back at least.'

thats what a renx dev said, it should come soon though I hope!

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