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A Few Bugs I Encountered That I haven't Seen On Here Yet


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I read through many of the forum posts to make sure I wasn't repeating bugs that had already been reported. I apologise in advance if I repeated something.

Here the bugs I've encountered so far:

I was messing with the different graphic settings of the game. After I tried out a few custom settings, I wanted to go back to the default "Highest" settings. However, when I clicked on it in the menu none of the other options changed like they were before. I had to go in and manually change them. I know this is not a big deal, but just thought I would share in the event other people are having the issue and may not be aware of it.

Also, in the graphics settings UI, there is a space at the bottom that says descriptions of the settings will appear there; however, this does not happen (I'm assuming that it is there to explain the "advanced settings" options like Post Processing Effects). I hovered my mouse over the settings and selected the settings, but nothing ever appeared to explain what it was I was messing with.

The UI in the building menus was constantly flashing. I tried several different terminals in all of the buildings from both factions and each time it was like the UI was having a strobe effect applied to it. It made the whole purchasing process rather painful as I was having difficulties keeping my eyes focused on it. This did happen each time I went into the building menus.

The rockets act strange. If you lock on to a target and fire, sometimes it follows so much that it will chase infantry into the smallest crevice of the map. It will even slow down and weave through trees in order to hit its target. Other times, they will partially chase after an enemy (if they even bother to chase them) then explode in mid-air. Finally, there are times when they don't even bother homing in on their target. They will just fly forever in whichever direction they were fired in. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but I figured having all of those erratic behaviors was strange and worth a mention.

There were times when I would be shooting at an enemy and they would not take any damage. I would see them, shoot at them, see the bullets hit them, yet they wouldn't even take a piece of damage. This would make sense if the bullets have a bullet arc to them, since there was some distance between us, but the bullet trail that I saw did not look like it was arcing.

Overall the game is great! I cannot commend Totem Arts enough on this project! I am looking forward to playing more of it tomorrow!

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I just noticed that when you are creating a bot game, there is a discrepancy between the GDI and NOD sections of the setup menu.

On the GDI side it says "GDI Bot Difficulty" twice and not "Number of GDI Bots" like it has on the NOD side.

Lastly, when purchasing a refill from the construction panels, it says "Menu" under the refill icon. I thought that was a bit strange.

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