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Hit Points and Damage numbers,old vs new,Whats been changed?


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The gameplay looks very different compared to old Renegade. I know there has been some balancing and tweaking, but I cannot find that info anywhere. I tried to search the forums here and was only able to find one post about the default rifles.

So what are the old and new character/vehicle damage numbers? What are the old and new character/vehicle HP numbers?

I thank you all ahead of time!

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True, gameplay has changed a lot. The dev's did not give a change sheet in such detail. Keep in mind that they aren't full time paid professionals. They do this as a hobby.

As for damage ratios and such. All health values are the same. Orca has 300 hp, med and flame tank have 800, 1000 credit characters have 350, etc (added health and armor together).

All damage values are kept really close to Renegade values. Changes are more noticeable like with a slight weapon spread. If the damage values are radically different, the weapon was altered completely. An example is the mammoth tank. Primary fire is chamged only a little. It now has two shells in the clip, firing them in quick succession, but with a longer reload time. It looks like the damage total per minute is about the same as in Renegade. Its rockets are changed completely. They are longer range and are shot 4 at a time, much like an MRLS. They have a longer reload time. Both systems cannot be fired at the same time, but as there is no "cooldown", you can fire them right after each other. The mammoth tank needed a boost from the old, so here it is.

Other changes

Rocket launcher (weak) is now a single shot launcher with more power (?) And with a reasonable goid lock on

Nod basic rifle now does the same damage as the gdi basic rifle

Machine gun now has 250 bullets per round, a slight warm up time before full power and 500 bullets total.

Flachette gun and tib auto rifle are now a secondary weapon that can be bought on every character when you captured a tib silo. Patch now has a hard hitting automatic rifle with incendentary bullets. Much slower than the flachette. The Sydney (weak) has been replaced with McFarland and has a grenade luancher that also is a shotgun.

The personal ion cannon and railgun now have a clip of 4. Not sure if it evens out with reload times. Damage is the same as far as I can tell.

Laser rifle has 30 more powerful rounds but shoots much slower.

Laser chain gun shoots slower when warming up like the chain gun.

Orca shoots 2 rockets and needs to reload, long reload. Has a 30 clip for the machine gun.

Apache has 4 rockets and I'm not sure about the clips and reload.

Flying coffin is now upgraded to a chinook with added passenger machine guns with exploading rounds.

Artillery has a slight but noticable drop-off.

Mrls rotating turret.

Flame tank lost its secondary fire (shoot out only one nozzle and do just under double damage)

Those are the biggest changes from old to new that I can think off right now. Most changes will be small for balancing issues and work nearly like the old. Others needed some bigger change, like the mammoth tank. There is much more like a 0 credit sniper rifle thing with no one hit kill headshot. Also airstrikes, grenades (replaces c4 when chosen), extra sidearms, some must be paid for and a lot more.

You'll just have to look for that yourself, but it's pretty cool.

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I believe the only change that can drastically affect gameplay is the arty nerf. Arcing shell will make it harder to aim, especially when trying to hit a moving target like a med. Also, no screen shake and no splash damage through walls make it easier to defend against an arty. MRLS got buffed too so indirectly that hurts the arty even more.

Basically, get ready to beef up your light tank skills.

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I'd be willing at release to go get all the damage numbers of every weapon, but I might not be able to (depends if Renegade X can run 2 instances of itself). Otherwise, you would need 2 people to do this.

There's plenty of other changes and numbers I'm really curious about. The Volt Rifle seemed to have a slightly strange behavior, but is it just a visual thing? It also seemed like it was buffed, but I can't tell for sure.

What has the basic gun damage been set to? It seemed terribly weak with its new recoil.

The stealth's laser seems like it is a nerfed weapon compared to the original laser gun which was already very weak.

I'm not even certain if the weapons have the same armor/damage relation.

I'd love to crunch all those numbers on to a nice spreadsheet.

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People guessing. The first answer was mostly right. The speculation pre-release of the laser rifle and the arty for instance, isn't really that spot on.

Technically, the arty still does it's damage and besides slight realism with the new shell visuals it isn't harder to aim. It isn't like a limp arrow, if you aim at the top of something you are almost sure to hit it because the drop will never be any more than the height of a med tank, the whole 4 feet.

The laser gun worries me, it needed to be a different weapon, but it actually looks overly strong. Basically, if a SBH catches you standing in any one single place stationary, he can probably quarter-health you off, and then a few well placed shots finishes you after he has secured the gurantee from his first shot. All for 400. The buff was intended to make ANY player even bad ones encouraged to shoot more instead of "watch the game from stealth cloak", which is annoying if half your nod team is SBH and aren't doing anything at all. However, I have seen streams where the laser rifle secured a kill on a full enemy in half a clip, and some where people can't land shots.

Then again, most the weapons in the game seem to encourage "pecking" more than previous renegade, with the recoil and burst of fire and aiming down sights, so even the handgun and rifles require waiving and firing and letting off so often to realign a shot or else all the bullets fire while the gun isn't on the enemy and don't fire when it is on the enemy.

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Well to be fair the laser rifle is very loud and the laser itself is really easy to spot from a distance so you're giving yourself away to everyone once you start firing. That should even it out.

Only thing that's worrying is seeing how it seems to be pretty effective against vehicles too which, in my opinion makes the sbh too good.

But I can't really say anything until I got a chance to play it.

I'm sure if something is OP or UP it will be addressed. After all, it's a beta.

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To be honnest, from my personal experience the laser rifle has been nerfed. 30 shots only in a clip and the damage versus persons seems rather weak. It needed to be weaker anyway, ast here's no more refilling outside a building. I still feel SBH nukes are rather OP.

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I think even a pistol can deal quite a lot of headshot damage to someone who isn't aware you're there, especially because it's silenced and doesn't attract much attention.

Regarding sbh nukes, I'm not sure. The server I used to frequent had gunner and sbh disabled on maps with no base defenses.

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