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yeah i will polish that, but currently in 4.4 version of Unreal 4 engine there is no way to make it real 8 wheels with blueprints, hope that they will fix that in next release

i faked 4 wheels with animation node, so the physics are not quite correct, im having problems with materials im custom with UDK materials but in UE4 they are different

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When opening a new tab of your link provided, it gives me an error that the video is private. Since it's a playlist, I clicked the number 1 video and was able to watch it. Hope it's the right one though :P

Looks cool, especiallly the destroyable environment thats capable with the engine. In Ren X if those sort of physics were ever introduced, it creates shotloads of fun tactics by creating your own entryway. Though, I'd limit it to C4's only, perhaps rockets too.

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Yeah, i cant quite figure out why RenX didn't use any destructible assets, just simple walls or barriers, in my test i created it just to make weapons more interesting to watch.

Is it maybe with netcode that is preventing of using destructible meshes or something else ?

I added damage model and give health to vehicle so its now destroyable, i will finish this and start another model, i spent more time with blueprints then modeling and texturing the model.

Its quite fun to work with blueprints but time consuming

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